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Summer Associate - Product Management
Summer Associate - Product Management Naples, FL, US, 34108 Oct 15, 2021
Naples, FL, US, 34108 Oct 15, 2021
Corporate Communications Intern
Corporate Communications Intern Naples, FL, US, 34108 Oct 14, 2021
Naples, FL, US, 34108 Oct 14, 2021
Accounts Receivable Intern
Accounts Receivable Intern Fort Myers, FL, US, 33912 Oct 5, 2021
Fort Myers, FL, US, 33912 Oct 5, 2021
Summer Associate - Orthopedic Research
Summer Associate - Orthopedic Research Naples, FL, US, 34108 Sep 26, 2021
Naples, FL, US, 34108 Sep 26, 2021
HR Benefits Intern
HR Benefits Intern Naples, FL, US, 34108 Sep 22, 2021
Naples, FL, US, 34108 Sep 22, 2021
Product Management Intern
Product Management Intern Naples, FL, US, 34108 Sep 22, 2021
Naples, FL, US, 34108 Sep 22, 2021

Hundreds of interns and co-ops (similar to internships, but are established in partnership with a university) began their professional careers at Arthrex, and many have joined the company as full-time employees after their student-learning experiences came to an end. As continuing education is a priority at Arthrex, it only makes sense that the company welcomes an average of 80 new interns and co-ops to our U.S. facilities each year.

Arthrex has been nominated several times by WayUp, an internship and career database specifically for students and recent graduates, as one of the country’s Top 100 Internship Programs, and in 2018, then- Software Quality Assurance Intern Christian Vazquez was recognized as one of the country’s top interns.

To give you a better idea of what interning or co-oping at Arthrex is like, we asked a few of our interns and co-ops about their Arthrex experience. Read their insights

What made you want to intern/co-op at Arthrex?

Alli Fischer, Research & Development Co-op
I first became interested in Arthrex during my freshman year at Clemson University. In our introductory engineering lecture, our professor had arranged for someone from Arthrex to speak to us about the new facility they were opening 10 minutes down the road in Sandy Springs, South Carolina. The way the speaker portrayed the cohesiveness and community atmosphere at Arthrex lines up with what they practice here on the global headquarters campus. The contemporary and fast-growing picture of the company that was painted for us engineering students was so promising, and one that I couldn’t overlook.

Chris Baekey, Engineering Co-op
My education at Clemson University helped me understand the fundamentals of engineering, but I knew that real-world experience could help me become a more well-rounded engineering student before graduation. Arthrex’s meaningful mission statement, constant growth and high-energy interview made it my top choice for a co-op experience.

What have been the best parts of your experience at Arthrex so far?

Chris Baekey, Engineering Co-op
The best part is the ability to work with different engineering departments with each rotation. I am unsure of
which area of engineering is my best fit, so this opportunity is perfect for making connections and expanding
my skillset. My favorite experience so far has been seeing surgeons test product prototypes and give
constructive feedback to the engineers.

Alli Fischer, Research & Development Co-op
The best parts of my experience have all been associated with my constant collaboration with my team
members. I am a part of the Orthobiologics and Vet Systems Research and Development team, which means
my direct coworkers are the research scientists. However, I also get to work with the design and product
development engineers, along with the product managers. The fact that I get to communicate and present my
ideas to those on my team, and other teams, is invaluable. Arthrex does an incredible job of making even
entry-level co-ops like myself feel like they are part of the team.

Hannah Odom, Engineering Co-op
The way my co-op rotations are set up, I have been able to work on three different teams (Project
Management, Manufacturing Engineering and Design Engineering), which has given me insight into different
aspects of the business. One of my favorite things during this rotation has been going to wet labs with the
engineers, product managers and surgeons. I love being able to see all of our products in action! Also, it’s
impossible for me to talk about my time at Arthrex without mentioning all of the amazing people I’ve been able
to work with. All of my supervisors, mentors and coworkers throughout all three of my rotations have helped
me grow both professionally and personally. I’m so thankful for them.

How has your experience interning or co-oping at Arthrex set you up for a promising career?

Alli Fischer, Research & Development Co-op
The knowledge I was able to transfer from the classroom and lab into my work this semester was incredibly
advantageous moving forward into my next semester of school and my eventual next co-op rotation. I met
some incredible people and friends that will stick with me for a long time when I go back to school and even
past when I graduate. Networking and even just communication in general at a company like Arthrex may
benefit me beyond belief in the future. As important as corporate and business connections are, personal
connections with your coworkers are as of much value and benefit moving forward, and I was able to learn that
firsthand through my outstanding, innovative Orthobiologics team here at Arthrex.

Erin Rose, Corporate Communications Intern
My internship at Arthrex has set me up for a promising career because I want to be Technology Consultant for
an agency within Arthrex. I believe that my experience with the company has allowed me to see the ins and
outs of how Arthrex functions, especially the corporate aspect. It is helpful as a Technology Consultant to
understand how corporate decisions are made as well as where the products are directly coming from, which
my time at AMISC has allowed me to understand. The internship also has allowed me to have a unique
opportunity to learn more about our competitors, which will better prepare me for my possible future role in the

Hannah Odom, Engineering Co-op
As I’m coming to the end of my third and final rotation at Arthrex, I can genuinely say that my time here has
prepared me for a career in the future. I have learned so much about the medical device industry and what
various engineering positions look like in the real world. Every semester when I go back to school, I have been
able to apply what I learned during my previous rotation at Arthrex to my classes, making my education more
valuable. My time here has given me a better understanding of what I like and don’t like, which will help me
narrow down career choices when the time comes. I have learned so much about engineering, the medical
device industry and myself during these rotations, and I cannot thank Arthrex enough for this incredible

What would you tell others about your intern/co-op experience?

Christian Sallick, Biomechanics Co-op
Arthrex offers an overwhelming number of opportunities that a single internship or co-op can provide someone
in their aspiring professional field. The combination the work environment, talent and excellent management
here make Arthrex one of the best internship programs that an individual can join.

Amanda Tur, Recruiting Intern
Our company displays a great sense of community and really makes interns and co-ops feel as if they’re a
member of the team from day one. Arthrex offers a variety of amazing opportunities, such as paid volunteer
time, continuous learning opportunities and more, that not a lot of companies even think to offer.

Alli Fischer, Research & Development Co-op
The thing that makes Arthrex stand out, is that they actually practice the family culture that so many companies
preach. It’s one thing to claim how community-centered your corporate campus is, but it’s an entirely different
to create that feeling for your employees going into work each day. It’s extremely rare to go even just an hour
or two here without seeing somebody I know, being stopped by a friendly face on my walk between buildings,
or getting a good chat in with the anyone working outside, just because that’s the culture that’s consistently

Hannah Odom, Engineering Co-op
From my personal experience, I have never felt as though I am “just a co-op” here at Arthrex. I feel like a
valuable member of the team with real responsibilities, as opposed to just having busy work to do. Every team
I have worked with has taken me in and made me feel so welcome. In addition, the company does a great job
of planning events for the co-ops and interns so that we can get to know each other and form a network that
has the potential to last much longer than one co-op rotation or one semester as an intern.


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