Software Developer Welcomes a Challenge: “It’s Exciting to Work on Highly Visible Projects”

Senior Software Developer Emmanuel Ruiz had never heard of Arthrex when he first spotted an open developer position online just over eight years ago, but he quickly learned of the company’s reputation as an orthopedic innovator.

Emmanuel was living in Los Angeles, California, working with building permits when he decided to apply. He noted that developers are often drawn to larger tech companies whose reputations precede them, but after his first interview at Arthrex, he was sure it was where he wanted to be.

“I had done my research on the company and it definitely lived up to it. Everyone was very professional, friendly and I could tell they were serious about their work,” said Emmanuel.

Today, Emmanuel is happy to be working with several of the same people as when he first started. He said that he loves interacting with his bright and hard-working team members and added, “I feel like I’m always learning from them.”

Collaboration is hugely important at Arthrex. Emmanuel and his team work with UI/UX design, marketing, quality assurance and even with the president and founder on a wide variety of projects. Some of his favorites include last year’s redesign of the homepage and the Synergy website that launched in the spring of 2018.

“These websites are often people’s first impression of the company. It’s exciting and challenging to work on highly visible projects like that,” Emmanuel explained.

Using the latest technology means continuously learning and innovating, something Emmanuel and his team do very well. Team members are encouraged to attend conferences, workshops and webinars to stay up to date on best practices and what’s up and coming for developers. Emmanuel has been able to learn about different applications for artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other tech innovations to see how they might one day enhance Arthrex’s websites and processes. Emmanuel said, “Technology is constantly evolving. If we don’t stay at the forefront, in two years we would become irrelevant.” 

Emmanuel thanks his team leaders and coworkers for fostering an environment where all ideas are welcome and people with different perspectives work together to generate the best outcomes. He added, “We tend to be introverted, as developers, since we spend a lot of time focused on our screens. But having peers who are so open to communication and offering input like we do here is extremely valuable.”

The development team will often work together in “huddle” rooms to bounce ideas off of each other and quickly get answers to questions when they’re working on a big project or experimenting with new technology.

“Arthrex provides you with the tools you need to be excellent at what you do,” said Emmanuel, who was promoted from developer to senior developer since starting at Arthrex. The most important piece of advice he has received is simple: don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Emmanuel learned early on that his input is valued at Arthrex.

When Emmanuel isn’t writing or reviewing code, he likes to spend his time playing tennis, soccer and golf in the sunny, Florida weather. He loves that Arthrex encourages employees to be active and supports a healthy work-life balance.

“Our supervisors encourage us to go spend time with our families, which is so important to me,” he said, “I want to be really involved with my kids and I help out with their extracurricular and after-school programs whenever I can. It’s fun!”

Above all, Emmanuel says that Arthrex has taught him to focus on producing quality work while continuing to learn and have fun. He added, “Some companies are comfortable leaving things the way they are, but Arthrex is constantly innovating to make sure we’re always bettering our processes and products.”

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